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  • Emily Wood

    Home / / About Our People / Staff STAFF / / / Home About Our People Staff / (806) 373-4242 Emily Wood Director of Women's Ministry Emily Wood is the Director of Women’s Ministry at First Pres. She and her husband, Casey, have been members since 2005, were married at First Pres in 2006, and both of their daughters were baptized here. Emily grew up in Hereford and Canyon and graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Journalism. Prior to joining the staff here, Emily worked in the nonprofit sector for 16 years, including serving as a grant writer for New York City's historic homeless shelter, The Bowery Mission; in Development Director positions for the Amarillo Symphony, Opportunity School, and the Amarillo Children’s Home; as a consultant; and at the Amarillo Area Foundation. Some of Emily’s favorite memories at First Pres have been planning the Women’s Retreat in 2009, serving on Howard’s Senior Pastor nominating committee, and serving as an Elder from 2014-2016. She also enjoys occasionally hosting the 1105 service downstairs in a space her husband renovated! Emily considers it a gift to be able to meet with, encourage, and pray for women regularly as a calling and a profession. She would love for you to give her a call to set up a visit soon!

  • Anita Goodrum

    Home / / About Our People / Staff STAFF / / / Home About Our People Staff / (806) 350-5202 Anita Goodrum Administrative Assistant for Missions and Outreach Anita Goodrum has been an Administrative Assistant at First Pres for 25 plus years. She loves everything about First Pres. Her hobby is undoubtedly her grandchildren! Anita's favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13.

  • Kids Events | Firstpres

    I'M NEW Information for New Visitors MEMBERS Resources and Information GET INVOLVED Working Together for Christ KIDS EVENTS Home / Ministries / / First Pres Kids Kids Events Coming Soon: 1/48 Whether you are heading back to campus or learning online this year, students and teachers are invited to come for our special time of BLESSING during the services. We'll have Purple Flamingo between services in the Parlor/Courtyard. FIRST PRES KIDS Nursery/Early Childhood Elementary Events OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve September 13th at 9:45am Sunday School teachers and Kids Ministry staff are so ready to welcome children back to learn about God's love together.

  • Becoming a Member | Firstpres

    BECOMING A MEMBER Home / About / Becoming a Member If you are interested in joining First Pres through membership, we would be excited to have you join us! We believe that First Pres is a wonderful place to worship and serve the Lord, as well as to build relationships with others. Here are the steps to making First Pres your church home: We offer an Inquirer’s Class three or four times a year that meets from 9:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Ask a staff member when the next class meets. In the class, we will briefly discuss the history of the Presbyterian Church, how this local church is organized, as well as our Biblical convictions. If you are ready to begin the process, start by contacting us at the church. God has great things in store for you! We would be so happy to have you join us! at 806-373-4242. Contact Murray ABOUT Becoming a Member Contact & News ECO Employment FAQs Mission Statement & Beliefs Our History Our People Our Pipe Organ What We're About First Pres Amarillo App WORSHIP | GROW | CONNECT | SERVE

  • What We're About | Firstpres

    WHAT WE'RE ABOUT Home / About / What We're About These four strategies allow us to set goals and measure how we're doing in practical ways. We believe it's important to LIVE out our beliefs. First Pres is committed to living out the following principles: ABOUT Becoming a Member Contact & News ECO Employment FAQs Mission Statement & Beliefs Our History Our People Our Pipe Organ What We're About First Pres Amarillo App WORSHIP | GROW | CONNECT | SERVE

  • Plan to ReOpen | Firstpres

    First Presbyterian’s Plan to Re-Open for Public Worship ​ As Presbyterians, we know that the chief end of man is to “Glorify God and to enjoy Him forever” (See Opening Question of Westminster Shorter Catechism). Of course, we can glorify God anywhere, but there is nothing quite like worshipping God together in our sanctuary. The author of Hebrews exhorts us to “consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, 25 not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” (Hebrews 10:24-25). It is good for us to gather together in corporate worship, but the writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is a season for everything under heaven (see Ecclesiastes 3). Unfortunately, over the last few months it has not been the season for corporate worship in our sanctuary as the President, the Governor, and our Mayor ordered Amarillo to shelter in place in March and to avoid large group gatherings. As you know many of those restrictions have been lifted. Legally we are free to gather for corporate worship. But unfortunately, we have seen a recent surge in active COVID 19 cases in Amarillo. We are reminded of the words of the Apostle Paul who writes, “All things are lawful,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful,” but not all things build up. 24 Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor.” (1 Corinthians 10:23-24). Because COVID 19 is so highly contagious and many have died from the disease, the best thing we can do for our neighbor according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is maintain safe social distancing practices and avoid large crowds. Therefore, before we open our sanctuary for corporate worship, we would like to see a consistent decline in the number of active cases of COVID 19 in Amarillo. When we gather for corporate worship we would like to ensure everyone’s safety by adhering as best we can to the guidelines that the Governor has provided for Houses of Worship. We want to worship God together in a way that supports our city leaders and public health officials; that demonstrates concern and takes responsibility for our community; and that expresses Christian love for our neighbors. Of course, we encourage those who are in High-Risk Categories to continue to worship with us from home through our online offerings that can be found . here According to our Governor, those who are at risk (the elderly and those with underlying health conditions) and those who may pose a risk to others (showing symptoms within the past 72-hours or have been exposed to those showing symptoms) are encouraged to remain in their homes and participate in the worship services online. Anyone who has had close contact with a person with COVID 19 should self-quarantine for 14 days before coming to our church campus. High-Risk Categories For those who choose to join us for worship in our sanctuary on Sundays we ask that everyone adhere to the following guidelines to maintain safe social distancing practices as provided by the Governor: ​ o Knowing how saliva can travel further when we speak or sing, everyone who attends worship will be required to wear a mask that they bring, or one will be provided in adherence to the Governor’s guidelines. o Knowing how difficult it is for young children to social distance all the time and wear a face mask through an entire service, children 5 years old and younger will need to worship with their families online at home. o Children who are 6 and older will need to sit with their parents or legal guardians at all times maintaining six feet of distance from non-household members as we practice parenting in the pew. o This initial start up is for Sunday morning worship in the sanctuary only, so therewon’t be any Sunday school or childcare. Immunologist Dr. Fauci recommends a 14 day decremental decline in active cases and hospitalization before reopening. For more info, click and . here here ​ o Hand Sanitizing Stations will be located at the entrance to the sanctuary so thatpeople can wash their hands as they enter and leave the sanctuary. o Doors to the Great Hall will remain open so that people do not have to touch door handles when they enter. o Handrails, door handles, pews, bathrooms, and highly touched surfaces will be cleane and sanitized before and after each service by multiple staff members. o The first few pews in the sanctuary will remain open so that when the worship leaders sing in the chancel without masks into microphones, there is very little risk that their saliva will hit anyone. o Worshippers will be escorted to designated pews ensuring that there is at leastsix feet of distance between worshipping households. At least every other pew will remain open to ensure social distancing. o Congregants from different households will seek to maintain at least six feet of distance between each other at all times. o No communion trays will be passed. Instead communion kits will be provided. o No offering plate will be passed. Instead collection boxes wil be located in the Narthex. o The friendship pad will not be passed. o There won’t be any Hymnals or Bibles in the pew racks.The words to the songswill be projected, and people will be encouraged to bring their own Bible. o To help avoid congestion in the aisles, worshipers will be dismissed one row orhousehold at a time. o To avoid congestion in the Great Hall people will be encouraged to exit the building after worship is ove so that the staff can clean and sanitize the building, swapping out pew cushions that people just sat on. o To ensure social distancing we will ask that there only be one household in a bathroom at a time and hands are washed thoroughly as one leaves the restroom using paper towels to open the door with trash cans located right by the door to avoid the need to touch the door handle. There will be an attendant at each bathroom to ensure there is only one household in one of our four open bathrooms at a time. o To help avoid people drinking after one another all water fountains will be turned off, but an individual water bottle will be made available on request. o No coffee or refreshments will be served. o During the summer months of June and July we will provide two worship services each Sunday in our sanctuary at 8:30 and 11:00. These services will be identical. We will rotate music styles each week. o We would encourage people to come to worship 30 minutes early so that ushers will have plenty of time to help people find their seats before worship begins. o We would ask households to maintain six feet of social distance guided by the blue tape in the GreatHall as people wait to be seated. o The north and south doors to the Great Hall will be open as entrances.The north, south, and east doors willbe open as exits. The children’s wing will be closed. The west door will only be used as an emergency exit. General ~ These are temporary arrangements for an initial phase in re-opening First Presbyterian Church for public gatherings. Everything is framed in the context of protecting the vulnerable and showing love to our community with a posture of humility and grace. ​ ~ We will continue to monitor local and regional Covid-19 developments and follow the guidance of our city leaders and public health officials. ​ ~ People who want to come to our campus for worship on Sundays, but do not want to wear a face mask can worship in their cars through their online devices in the west parking lot where we have set up WIFI extenders. They can log on to “fpcguest” and the password is “fpcguest.” ​ We continue to pray for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are lifting up to our Lord in faith all those who are sick, those who are experiencing loss in a variety of settings, our public leaders and health care providers, and all congregations of God’s people in our city. We intend to continue communicating and sharing best practices so we can be faithful to our calling in Christ and faithful to our neighbors in Amarillo and beyond.

  • Studies and Groups | Firstpres

    STUDIES AND GROUPS / Home Ministries / Studies and Groups Find Your Place... Worshipping together in a large group is powerful. However, we've found that real spiritual growth and lasting relationships are made in smaller studies and group settings. We have lots of groups to choose from. Wherever you are in life, there is a group or a study that will fit. We do better in community. As iron sharpens iron, the key relationships in our lives are meant to challenge, support, and strengthen us. While worship services are powerful, we know that spiritual development happens within smaller community. Find a Sunday school Find a Wednesday Night Group Interested in joining a Triad? STUDIES AND GROUPS Wednesday Nights Sunday School Bible Studies & Small Groups Triads OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve At First Pres, our goal is to discover and live the way of Christ int eh expansive grace of God. The way of Christ is the way of community. He ministered to people in community. He ministered to a group of 5,000 (Worship), feeding them with only five loaves of bread and two fish. He chose a group of 70, teaching them and then sending them out to spread the Gospel (Sunday school). We know that he chose His 12 disciples (Small Groups) and He even had a more intimate group of disciples: Peter, James, and John (Triad). ​ We believe that following Christ's model of more intimate and in-depth Christ-centered community is how people mature in their walks with Him. is very similar to how Jesus ministered when He was on the earth. This Path of Discipleship

  • Middle School | Firstpres

    MIDDLE SCHOOL Home / Ministries / / Youth Middle School AΩ Middle School Sundays "This Fall" Sunday mornings, Middle school will meet in the AΩ house at 9:45 a.m. ​ Wednesdays "This Fall" Middle School AΩ | 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays | In the AΩ House. Sponsor a Student To sponsor a student on any of these trips and contribute financially, please contact us by . clicking here Connect with Us Check out our for more info and event details! Facebook page ​ Forms Need a or a ? Click on the form you need now! First Pres Release Form Discipline Agreement Form Volunteering with AΩ or going on a trip with us as a leader? Here's the . Background Check ​ Questions? Contact or call 806.350.5209 Kayla Young ​ Get Added to Our Email List Fill out this short form to be added to our parent & student email list. We try to keep emails to a minimum, so don't worry - we won't fill up your inbox! We do send out emails periodically throughout the year. YOUTH Middle School High School OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Gospel | Firstpres

    GOSPEL Home / Worship Services / Gospel from on . 830 Service Jake Schroeder Vimeo ​ Gospel ​ 8:30 am ​ Sunday Mornings ​ Sanctuary WORSHIP SERVICES Reformed Traditional Contemporary Gospel OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve Come join us at 8:30 in our sanctuary as we kick off the morning with some upbeat gospel music. What is gospel music exactly? Gospel music is a genre of music that is upbeat, primarily led by piano, guitar, banjo, and other stringed instruments rather than an organ. In contrast to our Contemporary 1105 service that plays contemporary songs, gospel music includes older songs like “I’ll Fly Away,” “Nothing But The Blood,” “When We All Get To Heaven,” “Soon and Very Soon,” and “I Love To Tell The Story.” These are the types of songs that would have been sung during camp meetings or tent revivals during the first half of the twentieth century in West Texas. Our gospel service begins with our gospel band and ends with our beautiful organ. The order of the service is very similar to our Reformed traditional service at 11:00 a.m., but the music is primarily gospel at the beginning and is led by our wonderful gospel band. If you like to sing gospel music, we would love to have you in our “Y’all Come Sing Choir” that shows up at 8:00 to rehearse and leads worship with the gospel praise band at 8:30. If you like gospel music this is the service for you. Please invite a friend as we worship God singing some old time gospel songs.

  • Elementary | Firstpres

    ELEMENTARY Home / Ministries / / First Pres Kids Elementary e1 1/9 Sunday mornings: FPKids Ministry staff and volunteers are excited to welcome children back for Sunday School beginning September 13th. Check in will happen in the Great Hall each Sunday, as background-checked volunteers take children's temperatures to ensure that everyone is healthy and ready to come upstairs. ​ Here is more information on . reopening the Kid's Wing ​ 1st/2nd, 3rd, 4th/5th grade classes will continue studying from a great curriculum called Faith Weavers NOW. This curriculum weaves together three elements to create a lasting impact: Explore the whole Bible every 3 years Engage kids through proven, Jesus-style teaching methods Empower family conversation by synchronizing all age levels Wednesday nights: First Pres offers neighborhood small groups in various homes around Amarillo. Starting September 9th, groups of all ages will begin with a fellowship time over dinner each week and will watch a lesson starter video together. After this, adults will have a time of study and discussion while children go to another area to have their own teacher lead discussions and activities for the lesson. Groups will begin a 6 week study the Fruit of the Spirit. FIRST PRES KIDS Nursery/Early Childhood Elementary Events OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve

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