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  • Electronic Draft | Firstpres

    Setting Up Automatic Draft Giving Home / Giving Automatic Draft Set Up Download Form Fill out online form As our culture continues the process of living in a more cashless society, First Pres wants to provide you with the option of paying your tithe electronically with an automatic draft payment or a credit card payment. You have the option of giving two different ways - with your credit or debit card, or from your checking or savings account. We have taken the proper care to ensure your transactions are safe and secure. Below, you can download our EFT(electronic funds transfer) Authorization form, print it, sign it, and send it in to the Business office with a canceled check. You can also follow the link to the online form to give us your draft information.

  • ECO | Firstpres

    OUR DENOMINATION: ECO Home / About / ECO FIRST PRES TO CHANGE DENOMINATIONS Congregational Meeting Vote: 438 - 16 (96.5% to 3.5%) to Join ECO Bylaws/Articles Affirmed 438 - 14 with 2 Abstentions In a standing-room-only congregational meeting Wednesday evening, more than 500 attendees heard Rev. Howard Griffin summarize events of the past two weeks leading up to the historic vote to disaffiliate from the PC(USA) and join ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. Elder Cole Camp described his experience in attending an ECO gathering. Members in favor of joining ECO lined up to speak for two minutes each. No one spoke in favor of remaining in the PC(USA). Elder David Mullin explained the ballot, and the congregation voted. Elders gathered the ballots and several retired to count them. David Mullin also read a letter hand-delivered the day of the vote from Palo Duro Presbytery outlining Presbytery's objections to FPC's departure from the PC(USA). When Bonnie Rogers, clerk of session, read the vote tally, a cheer went up for the recommendation to join ECO. Learn more about ECO here . ​ WHAT IS ECO (COVENANT ORDER OF EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIANS)? ECO (COVENANT ORDER OF EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIANS) ESSENTIAL TENETS ABOUT Becoming a Member Contact & News ECO Employment FAQs Mission Statement & Beliefs Our History Our People Our Pipe Organ What We're About First Pres Amarillo App WORSHIP | GROW | CONNECT | SERVE

  • Becoming a Member | Firstpres

    BECOMING A MEMBER Home / About / Becoming a Member If you are interested in joining First Pres through membership, we would be excited to have you join us! We believe that First Pres is a wonderful place to worship and serve the Lord, as well as to build relationships with others. Here are the steps to making First Pres your church home: We offer an Inquirer’s Class three or four times a year that meets from 9:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Ask a staff member when the next class meets. In the class, we will briefly discuss the history of the Presbyterian Church, how this local church is organized, as well as our Biblical convictions. If you are ready to begin the process, start by contacting us at the church. God has great things in store for you! We would be so happy to have you join us! Contact Murray at 806-373-4242. ABOUT Becoming a Member Contact & News ECO Employment FAQs Mission Statement & Beliefs Our History Our People Our Pipe Organ What We're About First Pres Amarillo App WORSHIP | GROW | CONNECT | SERVE

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    DEACONS Home / About / Our People / Deacons 2021 Cary Bell Curt Besselman Karl Fliehler Tad Fowler Blake Goldston Shaun May Virginia Maynard Darla White Jeff Wyrick 2022 Jocie Buchanan Sarah Cline Van Guleke Biff Hatfield Bryan Oliver Bill Osborn Matt Schilmeoller Phil Wheeler ​ 2023 David Burton Tom Horton Sherrie Lovato Albert Lusby Katy Pair Ben Palmer Nan Smith Youth Deacons Marley McCampbell Aaron Trevizo ABOUT Deacons Elders Staff Who's Who Trustees

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    COMING EVENTS Home / Coming Events

  • Resources for You | Firstpres

    Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault If you are a survivor of sexual assault and would like to speak with one of our staff members in more depth, adult women, please email Emily Wood and adult men, please email Howard Griffin . Teen women, email Anna McCay , and teen men, email Kim Talley or Blake Milum . You can also call the church office at 806-373-4242. Below you will find several resources to help you through your healing journey. Recommend for Counseling Services: Amarillo Family Institute Recommend for Support Group: Family Support Services Book Recommendations for Adults: The Wounded Heart by Dan B. Allender The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass & Laura Davis The Sexual Healing Journey by Wendy Maltz The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk The Choice by Edith Eger Rid of My Disgrace by Justin S. Holcomb & Lindsey A. Holcomb We Were the Least of These by Elaine A. Heath Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse by Jeanette Vought & Lynn Heitritter Light Shines In the Darkness by Lucille F. Sider Mind Over Mood by Dennis Greenberger Two Helpful Articles from Christianity Today magazine: Talk. Pray. Know. Women's Small Group This Small Group meets at our new space, Murray's House , at 3614 SW 6th Street (across 6th from Aldacos Tacos; parking by Wildside Smoke Shop) on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. ​ This might be the group for you if you have experienced any of the following: lost children, a death in the family, isolation, caring for elderly parents or a spouse, feeling unknown by your church family, or other types of loss. Talk. Pray. Know. is: A place to share what is hurting, read a Psalm of comfort, and pray together. A place to listen, and a place where everyone gets a turn. A place to offer each other prayer – not advice. A place to be known. Led by Denise Carter. For a preview from Denise, click here . Book Recommendations for Children: That’s Not Your Job by Troy Timmons God Made All of Me by Justin S. Holcomb & Lindsey A. Holcomb Some Secrets Should never Be Kept by Jayneen Sanders From the Empty Tomb to Today's Abuse: Believe Women Time Doesn't Heal Sexual Assault if Victims are Silenced

  • Lisa Dietz

    Home / About / Our People / Staff STAFF Home / About / Our People / Staff / (806) 350-5205 Lisa Dietz Business Administrator Lisa A Dietz is the Business Administrator at First Pres. She's been on staff since 2012. Her family includes husband: Keith; daughter and family: Kedra, Tory, Abigail, Nathan, Luke, and Hannah; and son: Chad. Lisa earned an Accounting degree from West Texas A & M University. Lisa has a lot of Business Office experience. Previously she has worked for First United Methodist Church of Canyon, WTAMU, and First Baptist Church of Canyon, to name a few! Lisa loves the friendly and helpful people at First Pres. Her favorite Bible verse is Colossians 3:23 - Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.

  • Bible Studies & Small Groups | Firstpres

    BIBLE STUDIES & SMALL GROUPS Home / Ministries / Studies & Groups / Bible Studies & Small Groups Small Groups and Bible Studies are made up of 6-12 individuals who want to study a specific topic and share their thoughts candidly. There is more accountability in joining a Small Group or Bible Study. If you're not there, you will definitely be missed. There is an opportunity for everyone to share opinions about the topics being discussed. Small Groups simply 'do life' together. Women's and Men's Bible Studies Spring 2022 For a full list of Sunday school options, click here . ​ For a list of Wednesday Night Classes, click here . Men's Lunch Bible Studies begin in January. We have lunchtime Bible studies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at noon. Contact Anita for your lunch order and contact Murray Gossett for information on the Bible studies - 373-4242. ​ To find more info about Women’s Bible studies , go here . Interested in joining or starting a Small Group? Contact Murray or Emily . ​ Alzheimer’s Support/Awareness Group for Caregivers- Mondays at 11 a.m. Do you or someone you know care for a family member or loved one who has Alzheimer’s? This is an Alzheimer’s support/awareness group that focuses on sharing and praying with one another about the struggles and challenges of caring for a loved one with this tragic disease. Inquiries, please call 373-4242 or email . STUDIES AND GROUPS Wednesday Nights Sunday School Bible Studies & Small Groups Triads OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve

  • Doyle Askew

    Home / About / Our People / Staff STAFF Home / About / Our People / Staff / (806) 350-5206 Doyle Askew Operations Manager Doyle Askew has been the Operations Manager at First Pres for over 31 years. He and his wife enjoy spending time with their five grandkids. Doyle loves the members and staff at First Pres. He feels like this is where God wants him to serve. Doyle’s favorite verse is Psalm 23, and he loves Mexican food!

  • What We're About | Firstpres

    WHAT WE'RE ABOUT Home / About / What We're About These four strategies allow us to set goals and measure how we're doing in practical ways. We believe it's important to LIVE out our beliefs. First Pres is committed to living out the following principles: ABOUT Becoming a Member Contact & News ECO Employment FAQs Mission Statement & Beliefs Our History Our People Our Pipe Organ What We're About First Pres Amarillo App WORSHIP | GROW | CONNECT | SERVE