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Fall Sunday School Classes  Beginning
August 29 - Dec. 19, 2021

ALPHA - Murray Gossett, Orlando Lopez


The Alpha class is an evangelistic course which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions.  It is described by its organizers as “an opportunity to explore the meaning of life.”  This is a great study. Join us for discussion and fellowship.


Beyond (College Age/Young Adult) – Matt & Sarah Cline, Nickie & Jared Kirchgessner, Sami Haley, Brian Kelleher, Rev. Kim Talley

Gap Room

Join us for donuts and good coffee as we dive deeper into the weekly Sunday sermon both in studying and open, honest discussion. We will also have various activities, retreats, and mission projects both locally and internationally.


B-12 Class - Carol Allen

Room 204

Our Bible and 12-Steps class will explore more of the spiritual principles embedded in the 12 Step program using the Life Recovery Bible as our text. Anyone is welcome to join us! We practice radical honesty and radical dependence on God for our recovery. Our class gives people in treatment programs and shelters a place to grow in their Christian faith.  It also gives members a safe place to become more Christ-like as well as to let go of our problems and addictions.  



Women of Worth - Lindsey Palmer, Emily Wood

Room 202

New Women’s Bible Study – This is an opportunity for younger women to connect and grow closer to Christ and one another.


Women’s Bible Study - Caryl Smith

Room 207

We will finish up our study of II and III John and then begin a study on the Fruits of the Spirit.


Kaleidoscope - Mary & David Mullin, Jay O’Brien  

Room 209 

We will begin a journey through I & II Timothy. Join us as we learn more about Paul’s teachings to Timothy.  

Berean Class - Shannon Brooks, Duane Harp, Alan Keister, Karen Stout

Room 206
This is a teaching and discussion group of scripture that is relevant today.


Men’s Bible Study - Darrell Schmidt, Skip Forsyth

Room 205

We will begin with Romans Chapter 8 and continue on through the rest of the book of Romans. Join us for fellowship and discussion.


The Upper Room - Andrew Amstutz, Brian Oliver, Brady Clark

Room 304

Young adults meet for discussion-format teaching. We will be studying ALPHA – you won’t want to miss this!

What About Children & Youth?


The Next Generation - Children from preschool to 5th grade are learning from Group Publishing’s Faithweaver Now curriculum to follow along with the sermon series on Joshua and Judges. Starting October 3rd they will begin a series called Foundations of Faith in our new curriculum DIG IN, also by Group Publishing.

Check in for all children is at the check-in desk just inside the glass doors on the 1st floor of the Children’s Wing. Kids go to class after check in, Early Childhood on the 1st floor and Elementary on the 2nd floor. Parents pick up after class at the classroom doors. (We will all be meeting downstairs for Sunday School for a few more weeks. In late September, the upstairs should be ready for our Elementary to move up once again.)

Sunday Mornings

               Birth – 2 years in Rooms 134

Preschool worship
               Children through Kindergarten in Room 132

9:45 Sunday School Hour
Early Childhood 

Birth – 2 years in Rooms 134

Preschool – Kindergarten Rooms 130 & 136


9:45 Combined Gathering in Room 232          

then go to:

1st & 2nd Grade: Room 234

3rd Grade: Room 243

4th & 5th Grade: Room 245



Birth – 2 years in Rooms 134


Preschool worship

Children through Kindergarten in Room 132


Middle School/High School A&O Sunday - 10:00 a.m.

Anna McCay, Draven Gore

A&O House

Join us for a small group Bible study that follows the theme of the sermon series.