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Spring 2023 Sunday School Classes  

Coming Home (Principles and Practices of Restoration) - Dan Carter


We will examine the history of Judah’s return to Jerusalem after 70 years in Babylonian captivity. These authors are a great aid in understanding how God deals with us to rescue, keep, and restore us. It is amazing the lengths to which God goes to bring us back from our wanderings and the means He employs to assure that we overcome all opposition and meet His expectations for our design: to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The names may change – the times certainly do – but God continues His good work of restoration. Text will be the post-exilic books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.


Crossroads (College Age/Young Adult) -  Rev. Kim Talley, Sarah & Matt Cline, and Jacob Ives

Westminster/ Gap Room

This class is for College Age young people looking for community, adventure events,  missions work and practical in- depth bible study. We will work our way through the action packed Gospel of Mark.


Triple T Class – Rev. Dr. Murray Gossett and Rev. Kim Talley

Room TBD

This new class is for Twenty to Thirty Somethings with young children. We will be studying and discussing the Gospel of Mark in a theological as well as practical manner. We will also have various social events for fun and fellowship.


Women of Worth - Lindsey Palmer, Emily Wood

Room 202

We’ll be studying the many names of God.


The Sonflower’s Class - Caryl Smith

Room 207

We will continue to study the Fruits of the Spirit.

B-12 Class - Carol Allen

Room 204

Our Bible and 12-Steps class will explore more of the spiritual principles embedded in the 12 Step program using the Life Recovery Bible as our text. Anyone is welcome to join us! We practice radical honesty and radical dependence on God for our recovery. Our class gives people in treatment programs and shelters a place to grow in their Christian faith.  It also gives members a safe place to become more Christ-like as well as to let go of our problems and addictions.  


Kaleidoscope - Mary & David Mullin, and Jay O’Brien  

Room 209  

We will be finishing up the study of Ezekiel, and then we’re on to the New Testament!


Berean Class - Duane Harp, David Mullin, Alan Keister, David Terry, and Karen Stout

Room 304
For Winter and Spring of 2023, we will be studying a book on Prayer by Tim Keller. Next, we will have different people share how God calls and uses them at work. Finally, we will see what we can learn about Heaven and the impact that makes on our daily lives.  


Men’s Bible Study - Darrell Schmidt, Danny Castleman

Room 203

We will continue to work through the second half of Patrick Morley’s book Man in the Mirror which identifies and offers solutions for the 24 problems men face in today’s world from a Biblical perspective. We’ll then study the book How God Makes Men which outlines the ten proven principles in how God works in a man’s life based on the failures and the successes of some of the most talked about men in the Bible. 


The Upper Room – Michal-ann Bell, Andrew Amstutz, Brian Oliver, and Brady Clark

Room 206

The Upper Room is a class that mixes expositional Bible studies with topical studies covering relevant, cultural, and current events from a Biblical perspective. Both men and women leaders guide teaching and discussion times with the goal of making sure the Gospel relates to and impacts every aspect of our modern life. This Spring, we will be digging deep into the New Testament.

What About Children & Youth?

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 1.12.36 PM.png

This fall our Early Childhood and Elementary Sunday School will be digging into EPIC TEACHINGS of the Bible; Sermon on the Mount.


Check-in for all children babies through 5th grade is at the desk just inside the glass doors on the 1st floor of the Children’s Wing. Early Childhood children are all on the 1st floor and Elementary on the 2nd floor. Parents pick up after class at the classroom doors. 


Sunday Mornings

8:30 (during worship service)
           Birth – 2 years:     Lamb Room
Preschool worship 
           Children through Kindergarten:     Turtle Room

9:45 Sunday School Hour 
Early Childhood 

           Birth – 2 years: Lamb Room

           Preschool – Kindergarten: Turtle & Bluebird Rooms


           9:45 Combined Gathering:     The Well Room 232

                then go to:

                     1st & 2nd Grade:     Room 234

                     3rd Grade:               Room 243

                     4th & 5th Grade:     Room 245




            Birth – 2 years:     Lamb Room


Preschool worship

           Children through Kindergarten:     Turtle Room

Middle School/High School A&O Sunday – 9:30 a.m. - Austin DeSpain, Natalie & Dustin Roberts, Draven Gore, Aaron Trevizo,

A&O House

Join us on Sunday for donuts, fellowship, and diving into The Sermon on the Mount!

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