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The Sunday School atmosphere allows for more intimate study and growth. There is more conversation and discussion about the lesson. Relationships begin to be formed here that provide a trusting environment in which deeper connections happen.



Sunday School 

Spring Schedule





The Life of Jesus!

Children from preschool to 5th grade will continue on with the Faithweaver Now curriculum, which explores the entire Bible over a span of three years. Every age level will study the same Scripture each week, using age appropriate lessons.  This spring we will be studying the life of Jesus and His love for all people.


Nursery for ages birth – 2 years
Preschool worship for children through Kindergarten
9:45 Sunday School Hour
Early Childhood – 1st floor in the Children’s Wing
Infants and Crawlers in the Nursery
2 & early 3-year-olds in the Green Room
Combined Preschool class for 3 & 4-years-old in the Blue Room
Kindergarten (5 years) in the Yellow Room
Elementary –  2nd floor in the Children’s Wing
9:45 Combined Gathering in Room 232          
then go to:
1st & 2nd Grade: Room 234
3rd Grade: Room 243
4th & 5th Grade: Room 245


Nursery for ages birth – 2 years
Preschool worship for children through Kindergarten


Middle School/High SchoolA&O Sunday -
Kelli & Marcus Glass, Emily Wood, Ben Carpenter, Sarah Griffin, Scott Chappell, Nate Kendal, Nick Weddington
A&O House
10:00 a.m.
Small Group Bible Study and discussion over the Scripture from the Pastor’s sermons.
Combined Class: Getting to Know Our Community- Brady Clark

Helping our members have a better understanding of the community around them as we recognize that we are the salt and light of the world.


Adult Classes Beginning
January 5


B-12 Class -Carol Allen
Room: 203(January – May)

The Bible and 12 Steps Class(B-12) uses the Life Recovery Bible and workbook ($5) to understand the 12 Steps from a Christian perspective. Anyone who has an interest in the practice of Christian principles relating to life struggles is welcome.


Hardcore Discipleship - Kim Talley
GAP Room
A place for college-aged people to connect with others and study the Bible.

Women’s Bible Study- Sherrie Lovato
Room: 207
We will continue our study through the book of Revelation.
Adult Classes Beginning
February 2

Kaleidoscope– Mary & David Mullin and Jay O’Brien  
Room: 209
We will continue the study of Isaiah, a chapter a week to attempt to understand the wonderful lessons found there.
Berean Class– Matt Harkins, Shannon Brooks, Les Simpson, Duane Harp, and Karen Jordan
Room: 206

Thriving in Babylon, the story of Daniel will help you thrive in an increasingly godless culture. You'll learn why panic and despair are never from God, what true optimism looks like, and how humility disarms even our greatest of enemies.
Study of the Parables – Dan Carter, Orlando Lopez       

We will be studying the Parables of Jesus and applying what we can learn from these examples.
Men’s Bible Study–Darrell Schmidt, Skip Forsyth, Murray Gossett 
Pastor’s Conference Room – 1stfloor, south end by offices

“Not Politically Correct! Who is Jesus?  I AM!” – We will examine the I AM statements in the gospel of John.  These statements are His self-description. Jesus’ self-revelation isn’t politically correct, but it is the truth.
The Upper Room - Andrew Amstutz, Alan Keister, Jeff Wyrick, Brian Oliver 
Room: 304

Each week we will have Bible study with plenty of time for small group discussion.

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