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Fall 2023 Sunday School Classes  

Table Talk: Supper with Jesus (An Examination of John 13:17) - Dan Carter


Jesus, Who nourished Himself on the Word of God – and Who was the incarnate Word – served His disciples at a Passover Meal the night before He was crucified. The true Passover Lamb hosted an intimate dinner party. He was Waiter, Host, and the Main Course (“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God,” Mt. 4:4;Jn. 1:1). Throughout the meal, Jesus continued to love and teach His followers: Who He is, what He has done, what will He do, and how He will continue to provide for them, and for us who believe through their testimony. Jesus, the bread of life, and His teaching constituted the menu. All the entrees are still available and free to those who believe. So, in the words of the hymnwriter, C.B. Widmeyer:


Come and dine, the Master calleth, come and dine,

We may feast at Jesus’ table all the time.

He Who fed the multitudes,

Turned the water into wine,

To the hungry calleth now,

Come and dine.


Beyond (College Age/Young Adult) – Jeff Price, Sarah & Matt Cline

Westminster/ Gap Room

Join us for donuts and good coffee as we dive deeper into the weekly Sunday sermon, both by studying and by open, honest discussion. We will also have various activities, retreats, and mission projects, both locally and internationally.


Triple T Class – Beth & Daniel Brannon, Shelley & Steve Chaloupka, Lesley & Albert Lusby

Room 205

We will be studying and discussing the Gospel of Mark in a theological as well as practical manner. We will also have various social events for fun and fellowship.


Women of Worth - Lindsey Palmer, Emily Wood

Room 202

We will take a deep dive into Gensis.


The Sonflower’s Class - Caryl Smith

Room 207

We will continue to study on Prayer.


B-12 Class - Carol Allen

Room 204

Our Bible and 12-Steps class will explore more of the spiritual principles embedded in the 12 Step program using the Life Recovery Bible as our text. Anyone is welcome to join us! We practice radical honesty and radical dependence on God for our recovery. Our class gives people in treatment programs and shelters a place to grow in their Christian faith.  It also gives members a safe place to become more Christ-like as well as to let go of our problems and addictions.  


Kaleidoscope - Mary & David Mullin, Jay O’Brien  

Room 209 

We will continue our study in the Old Testament


Berean Class – Shannon Brooks, Duane Harp, Alan Keister, Karen Stout, David Terry

Room 206
We will be studying Walking with God through Pain and Suffering by Tim Keller


Men’s Bible Study - Darrell Schmidt

Room 205

We will be studying 30 Life Principles by Charles Stanley A guide for Growing in the knowledge and Understanding of God.


The Upper Room – Andrew Amstutz, Brian Oliver, Brady Clark

Room 206

We will be studying 2Peter, James and Jude.

What About Children & Youth?

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 1.12.36 PM.png

8:30 a.m.     Critter Land welcomes children ages birth
                    through Kindergarten


9:45 -10:45 a.m.  We have a class for every age! 

Infants – Toddlers are lovingly cared for in our Nursery.


Preschoolers - Kindergarteners will discover the “True Wonder of Who God Is.”       


1st/2nd graders will delve into the meaning of the act of worship as they discover how “God’s People Respond to Him through Worship.”


3rd graders will be plunging into the Gospel of John, the beloved disciple, verse by verse musing upon the deeper things of the Eternal Son of God - the Word made flesh!


4th/5th graders will anchor their faith in God’s Word through The Story: from Genesis to Revelation in chronological order. They will absorb the Bible as one continuing story of God and His people to compel a fascination with Scripture and remind them “The word of God is living and active” as they are a part of His story too.


11:00 a.m. Critter Land welcomes children ages birth
                  through Kindergarten.


9:30 A.M.

Middle School/High School Combined – 9:45 a.m. - Austin DeSpain

A&O House

Join us as we finish studying Hebrews and start studying Acts! We have Bible study, fellowship, and free donuts!

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