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Summer Sunday School Classes  Beginning
June 6, 2021

ALPHA  Greg Gillette, Dale Williams, Bill Quarles, Dick Doyle & Murray Gossett


The Alpha course is an evangelistic course which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions. It is described by its organisers as "an opportunity to explore the meaning of life".

B-12 Class - Carol Allen

Room 204

We will continue to do the Bible and 12 Steps class. Robert Boothe, Elisha Oliver, and Pattilou Dawkins will lead the lessons on the spiritual principles embedded in the Steps of recovery. All are welcome. We’re all about:  Guilt; Grace; Joy; Gratitude!  

Women's Bible Study - Caryl Smith

Room 207

We will study I, II & III John this summer.  Come join us!

The Upper Room - Andrew Amstutz, Alan Keister, Jeff Wyrick, Brian Oliver

Room 304

We will continue digging deeper into the Sunday Sermons.  Each week we will be looking at the previous week's sermon or addressing specific topics raised by the class.

What About Children & Youth?


In FPKids elementary Sunday school we will be learning all about the book of James that will parallel with our church wide Sunday sermons. Kelli Glass will lead kids in following each scriptural lesson through a journey of “digging in, find the treasure, and put it on display = do what it says”. Kids will discuss and apply each bible study through multiple learning styles. 

It will be quite an adventure! 


       We’re all on the 1st floor of the Children’s Wing


    Birth – 2 years in Rooms 

Preschool worship 
    children through Kindergarten in Room 


9:45 (Sunday school hour)
Early Childhood 

     Birth – 2 years in Rooms 

     Preschool – Kindergarten Rooms 



     9:45 Combined Gathering in Room           

     then go to:

          1st & 2nd Grade: Room 

          3rd Grade: Room 

          4th & 5th Grade: Room 




     Birth – 2 years in Rooms 


Preschool worship

     Children through Kindergarten in Room 


Middle School/High School A&O Sunday -10:00 a.m.

Anna McCay, Blake Milum,

A&O House

A&O Sunday Mornings will be “The Bible Project”.  An interesting overview of each book of the Bible one Sunday at a time with small group discussion afterwards.