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Wednesday Night Bible Studies   Begin August 31, 2022

For those eating at the church, we will order dinner from a few different places this semester. Please contact Allison at or call 806-350-5207 with your order and/or your family’s order by Tuesday at noon. We’ll eat in the Great Hall from 5:15 – 6:30 p.m.

(See the dated menu below)

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Schedule for Elementary Kids

5:15       Dinner

5:45       Praise Kidz Choir in Room 302 (Choir Room)

6:30       Kids Ministry Programs



Early Childhood has programs for any child, birth through Kinder, whose parents attend Wednesday Night groups or who are participating in Parents Time Out. The littles will continue to study The Sermon on the Mount with a closer look at The Beatitudes. Debbie Laur and trained/background checked volunteers lead on the 1st floor of the Kids Wing.



Elementary will study Jesus and the Journey to Joy (Philippians) “We can find triumphant joy only in a dynamic personal relationship with Jesus Christ and in the truth and hope that God is able to turn challenges we face to our good and His glory.” 

Kelli Glass and High School leadership & disciple team lead on the 2nd floor of the Kids Wing.

Find more information about First Pres Kids here.




Schedule for A&O Students (meet in A&O house)
5:30                      Middle School students and their families can eat 
                              dinner in Great Hall
6:30-7:45 p.m.     Middle School, led by Senior High School and staff

8:00-9:30 p.m.     High School, led by adult leaders and staff


Come together each Wednesday night in the A&O House to spend time having fun, worshiping, sharing, and digging deep into God’s Word so you can grow in your walk with Jesus. The focus this fall will be on practical Biblical topics everyone needs in order to live a full Christian life. This will be a deep, eye-opening study where students will come away filled with the hope and wisdom that is revealed in the Bible. 

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5:30                       Dinner - Families with children eat together

                               in the Great Hall or in the Parlor if you’re in the Spiritual                                Parenting class.        

 6:30 -  7:30 p.m.  Adults go to their classes at the church or to the                                            location of their home groups for class.


God is Closer Than You Think - Rev. Dr. Howard Griffin, Rev. Dr. Murray Gossett, Brady Clark

Room 304

God is closer than we think, and connecting with Him isn’t just for monks and ascetics. Join us on Wednesday nights as we read and discuss bestselling author John Ortberg’s book God Is Closer Than You Think. We will hear from John and learn how we can connect to God more fully amidst the various activities of our normal life. 


Spiritual Parenting - Rev. Kim Talley & *home group leaders

Parlor and *Home Groups

It's hard enough to train kids to behave, but good behavior isn't what Jesus calls for in the Bible. He wants hearts and souls that are shaped in vibrant faith and love toward Him and others. How can parents cultivate this in their children? In the book, Spiritual Parenting, Dr. Michelle Anthony shares practical examples and Biblical insight on the spiritual role of parenting. Spiritual Parenting introduces the simple but revolutionary concept that parents are, by the power of God's Spirit, to obey and depend on God in order to create an environment God can use to beckon their children to Him. This is a class for parents in all stages. We’ll have the lesson and then breakout discussions.


Empty Nesters – A Full Season of Life 

If you’re interested in an Empty Nesters group, call Murray for more information at 806-373-4242 or email him at


Parents Time Out (for parents of little ones) 

From 6:00-7:30 p.m. each Wednesday, you can drop off your preschool kids, with their dinner, in Critter Land (the Preschool area of the Kids Wing) and you get to go out for dinner! Really…and there is no catch!


The kids will have a great time playing, doing activities and they'll have a lesson. This is a free gift to our parents with young children to encourage and support you during this sometimes overwhelming stage of parenting. 


*If you’re interested in a Home Group, please (806) 350-5209 to talk to Shauneen.




5:45 – 6:30 p.m.   Praise Kidz Choir in Room 302 (Choir Room)


Sanctuary Singers - (High school and up)

6:30 -8:00 p.m. in Room 302 (Choir Room)