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1105 Contemporary Worship

11:05 am

Sunday Mornings

Fellowship Center (Downstairs)


Some of the words that would describe the 1105 service: family-oriented, casual, interactive, and real. Join us for a casual, contemporary service with our praise band at 11:05 on Sunday mornings downstairs in the Fellowship Center.

Serving in 1105

We're excited about what's happening in 1105. There are lots of ways to get more involved in making the service happen. We'd love your help. Please look at the descriptions of our different Action Teams below and then fill out the form below to let us know where you'd like to serve in 1105.


  • Follow-up Team: Most every week we have visitors at 1105. For many of the visitors this is their first time First Pres experience. This team will receive a weekly email with visitors' information and will rotate making personal contact with visitors to welcome them back and try to help get them connected at First Pres. 

  • Prayer Team: Prayer is a foundational part of our service. Members of this team will be present after the service to pray with people, regularly pray for the service, and at times will be available to pray during Communion or other elements the service. 

  • Sunday Morning Volunteer Team: Every week volunteers take care of responsibilities like preparing and serving coffee, greeting people when they arrive, helping people find seats, collecting the offering, and other parts of Sunday morning hospitality. These volunteers typically serve one Sunday a month. 

  • Creative Team: This team helps to enhance creative elements in the service. This team will meet about once a month and look at the scripture and theme of the weeks ahead to incorporate various creative elements such as videos, drama, music, or other added effects. This team will usually meet during lunch. 

  • Assimilation/Events/Fellowship Team: This team's goal is to become more aware of the people worshiping at 1105 and their needs. We will look at things like the new member process, missional service opportunities, and finding ways to plug those worshiping at 1105 into other ministries of First Pres. 

  • Expansion Team: There have been seasons where we are at or near maximum capacity in 1105. There have been various ideas discussed for adding an additional service. This team help determine if expansion is needed and explore viable options to make that happen.

  • Production/ AV Team: Every week there is a meeting with the worship leader, Production Director, and pastors to review previous services and plan for future services. Members of this team would help reflect on the services and see ways to enhance future services. These team members may also help run the Audio/Video equipment during services. Ample training and flexibility in schedule is available.

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