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Thanks for a GREAT week of

We appreciate our 56 volunteers for making this week possible. From pre-VBS decorating to preparing lessons to showing up early on a hot summer morning and leading crews of  kids to all were AMAZING!

With 206 kids registered this year, a record number, we are SO GLAD that we all can finally be together again! YAY!

VBS children and their families
are invited to Austin Park 
to celebrate the end of VBS
Thurs @ 7-8pm 
We'll finish with the night with Purple Flamingo popsicles. 


We hope your kids can join us!


The Kids Ministry staff and Committee are so grateful we had the  opportunity to host our Easter Family Event in the Great Hall and Parlor     this year. It was a wonderful celebration as a church family to see all          the children and their parents going from station to station talking          about Jesus rising from the grave.

We want to thank Howard and church leadership for saying YES to this crazy idea of us using the main church entry area on Easter morning. Also, we are so grateful to Dan Carter and the Parlor Sunday School class who were willing to move their class into the sanctuary for us. And we really appreciate Doyle, Hector, Janie and Linda for all of their help in set up and clean up after the event. You are humble leaders in this special church family!

A BIG thank you to the many volunteers who came on Thursday and Saturday to set up, and those who came on Sunday to cover all the areas: greeting, welcome table, 8 stations, a photo booth, a café and final station of the big surprise celebration with streamers and LOTS of helium balloons. Yes, in the Parlor! JESUS IS ALIVE!

This year at our Rise Up with Jesus! Easter Family Event, families explored the following stations, collecting puzzle pieces at each station. They received the final piece at the climactic ending in the Parlor.

Kim Talley led the final station and everyone celebrated

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Parenting in the Pew: Guiding Your Children into the Joy of Worship by Robbie Castleman


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