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The First Presbyterian Library strives to provide materials and programs that encourage the study of God's Word and the growth of each person's relationship with God.

No more buying a book at the Christian book store, only to realize later that our library had the book you could have borrowed. Click here to search our entire inventory.

Hours of Operation

Open daily, whenever the church is open. Volunteers are available for assistance on Sunday mornings.

Checkout policies
Materials may be checked out at any time that the library is open by signing your name and leaving the checkout card on the librarian's desk. We have a variety of resources to select from, including books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines in the following areas:

  • Bibles

  • Reference (Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, concordances)

  • Christianity, Theology, Understanding Scripture

  • Apologetics

  • Prayer

  • Christian Living

  • Divorce

  • Grief

  • Marriage, Family and Parenting

  • Fiction

  • Biography

  • Holiday (including Lent/Easter, Advent/Christmas)

  • Materials for small group study

  • Movies

  • Audio Books

  • Audio Sermons

  • Children's Collection (books, CDs, DVDs)

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