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Youth Sunday 2021

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 Mexican Christmas Dinner 2021 a Huge Success!  


Another Mexican Christmas Dinner is in the books, and it was a resounding success.  Students pitched in to help prepare the food beforehand and with serving food and clean up on the night of the event.  Everyone had a great time helping out!

Estevan Ortega and Jacob Self were great chefs!

So many helpers on the enchilada assembly line!

Anna gives last minute instructions to the workers before the event began.

The night of the dinner filled the Great Hall, Narthex, Parlor, and Children’s Wing with so many wonderful people from First Pres and the entire community.  The sounds of voices and laughter were so fun to hear. 

Friends and neighbors came to share a delicious meal and fellowship with others.  We served close to 400 people at this year’s Mexican Christmas Dinner! It was an amazing event!

Thank you to the entire First Pres family and Amarillo community for making the Youth Mexican Christmas Dinner such a success this year.  Your support of our ministry through the purchase of tickets for the dinner helps so many of our youth go on mission trips and retreats. Many of our students would be left out of these trips if not for your support.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Goodbye to the Old A&O House

It was a rollercoaster of emotions as we all watched the old A&O House be demolished.  It has been very emotional for so many of our youth and leaders to have to truly say goodbye to that “Grand Old Lady”; because the old House held so many sweet memories for all the A&O youth, both past and present.  However, everyone fully recognizes that the new beautiful House will be the place for new memories to be made for many, many years and for many, many more young people.  God moved mightily in the old House, changing hearts and drawing hundreds to Him.  We rest in the promise that the same will happen tenfold in the new House.

The demolition begins!

The old makes way for the new.

The new A&O House stands tall and proud.

Once again we all wish to express our sincere gratitude to the entire First Pres Family for their support of the building of the new A&O House.  Each of you has fully invested in the future of our youth.  Our goal in the Youth Department is to ensure that you all get a rich return on your investment.  Thank you!