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8:30 am

Sunday Mornings


Come join us at 8:30 in our sanctuary as we kick off the morning with some upbeat gospel music.  What is gospel music exactly?  Gospel music is a genre of music that is upbeat, primarily led by piano, guitar, banjo, and other stringed instruments rather than an organ.  In contrast to our Contemporary 1105 service that plays contemporary songs, gospel music includes older songs like “I’ll Fly Away,” “Nothing But The Blood,” “When We All Get To Heaven,” “Soon and Very Soon,” and “I Love To Tell The Story.”  These are the types of songs that would have been sung during camp meetings or tent revivals  during the first half of the twentieth century in West Texas.  Our gospel service begins with our gospel band and ends with our beautiful organ.  The order of the service is very similar to our Reformed traditional service at 10:55 a.m., but the music is primarily gospel at the beginning and is led by our wonderful gospel band.  If you like to sing gospel music, we would love to have you in our “Y’all Come Sing Choir” that shows up at 8:00 to rehearse and leads worship with the gospel praise band at 8:30.  If you like gospel music this is the service for you.  Please invite a friend as we worship God singing some old time gospel songs.

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