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Worshipping together in a large group is powerful. However, we've found that real spiritual growth and lasting relationships are made in smaller studies and group settings. We have lots of groups to choose from. Wherever you are in life, there is a group or a study that will fit.

We do better in community. As iron sharpens iron, the key relationships in our lives are meant to challenge, support, and strengthen us. While worship services are powerful, we know that spiritual development happens within smaller community.


At First Pres, our goal is to discover and live the way of Christ int eh expansive grace of God. The way of Christ is the way of community. He ministered to people in community. He ministered to a group of 5,000 (Worship), feeding them with only five loaves of bread and two fish. He chose a group of 70, teaching them and then sending them out to spread the Gospel (Sunday school). We know that he chose His 12 disciples (Small Groups) and He even had a more intimate group of disciples: Peter, James, and John (Triad).

We believe that following Christ's model of more intimate and in-depth Christ-centered community is how people mature in their walks with Him. This Path of Discipleship is very similar to how Jesus ministered when He was on the earth.

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