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Re-opening Critter Land

Hello Critter Land Families,


As you may have already heard (because good news is hard to keep quite!), we are finally able to open Critter Land and welcome our little ones back.  Beginning on August 23, we will be ready to receive our children once again, ages birth through kindergarten at our usual times, 8:15am-12:15pm.  We will be implementing COVID-19 safe practices.  Please take a moment to read over the attachment.  It will be so gloriously wonderful to see our friends again!  Who would have ever thought that 6 weeks would turn into 6 months?  Of course, we know that none of this has caught our Lord by surprise.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for having this all under your infinite and loving control.


Another way we are trusting in our Heavenly Father’s wisdom is navigating through our construction process. This is part of the GROW campaign that will bring exciting changes for our children. Please be prepared for Critter Land itself to look a bit different. The construction may be in full swing on the first floor of the Kids Wing when we re-open. That means we will all be on the second floor sharing those nice large classrooms with the big kids (as well as Opportunity School). We will have our own safe space for little ones. 


Sunday School for all ages of children will begin on September 13 in conjunction with the adult classes resuming. 


Even though the space may look different, you can still look forward to seeing the same warm and loving smiles of our volunteers and staff.



Ms. Debbie

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