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Three Circles of Service within Local Missions 

whole church

The first circle spreads wide and far. It involves the entire church working in the larger Amarillo community in citywide missions,


All of our church serving in events like our Saturdays of Service.  Where we, as a church go all over Amarillo to serve and show the love of Christ. In the past, we have been at the church making teacher gifts for San Jacinto’s and Opportunity School’s teachers, at Heal the City cleaning, at Colorful Closets organizing, and even tearing down a building.


We also join with other churches for our 4Amarillo Mission. In the past, we have assisted at Square Mile’s Urban Farms in the mornings, co-hosted Vacation Bible School in afternoons at Margaret Wills and another VBS in the evenings at San Jacinto.


We also serve and disperse by making bags for shelterless individuals throughout our community and much, much more.


We are a large body of believers spreading the love of Christ all over town.


small group

Then the second circle: the importance is the same, but the focus narrows into small groups and smaller projects: For example, the Women's Class hosted a moment for mom’s for San Jacinto’s pre-k kids, the B-12 class has served at Faith City Mission, the Parlor Sunday School Class has served at the High Plains Food Bank, the Berean Class worked on the cleaning the grounds of the church and the Kaleidoscope class has served kids at Opportunity School.


A smaller group of members, building community among themselves and demonstrating our church cares by supporting smaller local organizations and serving in smaller group projects like these: Small-Group Projects


Finally, the third circle, just as important as the other two, but more laser-like in focus. In this circle, church members serve as family units or individuals.

Here are some ideas for you or your family to serve:

  • bring your neighbor’s kids with yours to our Vacation Bible School

  • attend a Future Leaders Lunch Club at San Jacinto and play connect four

  • Work at Square Mile’s urban farm and visit with neighbors as they walk by

  • take flowers to a shut-in

  • take a meal to the family with the new baby

  • make teacher appreciation gifts with San Jacinto moms 

  • play rock, paper scissors with a Sam Houston Middle schoolers at WyldLife

  • read to a child at Opportunity School.


This is the level where relationships are formed and Jesus can be shared. Where love takes on flesh and walks with people.

Murray's House

Right on 6th street in the heart of the

San Jacinto neighborhood sits First Pres's newest service endeavor.

It is soon to be a hub of service for individuals, small groups, and the church as a whole.


Stay tuned for all the amazing things to come!


Small-Group Service - Deacon Day 

Two Saturdays were spent serving a widow in need. The Deacons weatherproofed and painted windows, pulled weeds, tore down a dilapidated fence and replaced it with a brand new one. 

Whole Church Service 

First Pres' deacons bagged a little love for the whole church to share with individuals in Amarillo without shelter this winter. 150 baggies filled with socks, chapstick, crackers, masks, and more were distributed.

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