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It's always fun for old friends to reunite for a weekend of fellowship, fun, and great skiing,  This year's A&O Alumni ski trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado proved that the deep relationships that were formed during many years in Middle School and High School A&O are never forgotten regardless of time or absence from each other's company.

A&O Alumni Ski Trip 2022

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We hope all our amazing alumni friends can join us next year for the A&O Alumni Ski Trip 2023!  More information will be available as details are ironed out.  So stay tuned!!


What's Coming Up

College/Alumni Summer Bible Study

All 2022 graduates and A&O Alumni are invited to join us at the A&O House every Monday night at 6:30 for a group Bible study over the book of Romans.  The schedule will be:

June 20th - Romans 9: Predestination - God's Wisdom in Election - Speaker: Draven Gore

June 27th - Romans 10 - 11: Predestination - How We Access God's Wisdom/Our Response - Speaker: Aaron Trevizo

July 4th - No meeting

July 11th - Q&A Session: Impressions through Romans so far - any topic, interpretation, application, etc.

July 18th - Romans 12:1 - 21 - Characteristics of a Believer - Speaker:  Brendan Weaber

July 25th - Romans 13:1 - 15:12 - Duties Toward Authorities and One Another / Do Not Judge One Another - Speaker:                         Kim Talley

August 1st - Romans 15:13 - 16:27: Paul's Farwell - Speaker:  Mattie Meyring

We hope to see you there!!!