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Spend a week at La Fuente del Peregrino, Spain with a small team who's mission will be to minister to thousands of people that walk on the Camino de Santiago. The team will minister to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those who stop at the Fuente del Peregrino and to plant seeds of the gospel in the lives of the Camino walkers, as well as the people that live in Ligonde. Many walkers are on a pilgrimage searching for something – friendship, time alone, decisions, strength, etc. The missionaries of La Fuente del Peregrino offer them a real, fulfilling alternative to what they are searching for. They offer the living water of Christ, which will truly satisfy the thirst in their hearts and provide meaning in their lives. The Christ loving interaction with walkers is the distinguishing mark that makes the Fuente del Peregrino special, because the people who mission there reflect Christ and His heart. 

Spain Mission Trip

June 2-12, 2023

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