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    ELDERS Home / About / Our People / Elders Class of 2021 Andrew Amstutz Matt Harkins Janie Singleton ABOUT Deacons Elders Staff Who's Who Trustees Mike Smiley Class of 2022 Kent Buchanan Skip Forsyth Les Simpson Janice Tolk Class of 2023 Shelley Chaloupka Scot Gilmour Robert Smith Ryan Zimmer

  • Intercessory Prayer Ministry | Firstpres

    Intercessory Prayer Ministry Home / Ministries / Care / Intercessory Prayer Ministry Prayer Request We're happy to pray for you. Please fill out this form and we'll be praying for you. I would like to be contacted: By a Pastor By another Staff Member Submit Thanks for submitting! OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve

  • GROW Capital Campaign | Firstpres

    GIVING Home / Giving Please click 'Submit' to enter your Credit Card information. Text to Give 1. Open a new text message to 806-208-4288. ​ 2. Enter the amount, in whole dollars, you’d like to give. 3. Press 'Send.' 4. First time users, follow the link provided to a secure website where you add your information, including debit/credit card information. 5. Choose either ‘Budget Pledge 2021’ or 'Gifts and Offerings' from ‘Choose a Fund’ dropdown. 6. You can make this a recurring gift if you choose to. 7. Press the ‘Submit’ button. ​ Your giving is set apart as gift to the Lord for the church to allow for works of mercy, kindness, evangelism, teaching, and many other forms of ministry. Your gift is ultimately an act of worship unto the Lord. ​ As our culture continues the process of living in a more cashless society, First Pres wants to provide you with the option of paying your tithe electronically with an automatic draft payment or a credit card payment. You have the option of giving two different ways - with your credit or debit card, or from your checking or savings account. We have taken the proper care to ensure your transactions are safe and secure. Click below to download our EFT(electronic funds transfer) Authorization form EFT Authorization Form Make Your Pledge to the Operating Budget Please let us know what you pledge to the Operating Budget of 2021.

  • Who's Who | Firstpres

    WHO'S WHO Home / About / Who's Who Are you wondering who you should talk to about a certain issue? This list might help you. Click here for a pdf of the Who's Who 2021 . ABOUT Deacons Elders Staff Who's Who Trustees

  • Brady Clark

    Home / About / Our People / Staff STAFF Home / About / Our People / Staff / (806) 373-4242 Brady Clark Director of Urban Missions ​

  • Where GRACE Changes Everything | Firstpres

    WHERE GRACE CHANGES EVERYTHING Home / About / Where GRACE changes everything! ABOUT Becoming a Member Contact & News ECO Employment FAQs Mission Statement & Beliefs Our History Our People Our Pipe Organ What We're About First Pres Amarillo App WORSHIP | GROW | CONNECT | SERVE

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    Make a Pledge to the 2022 Operating Budget Home / Giving Make Your Pledge Make Your Pledge to the Annual Operating Budget of First Pres ​ After you fill out the form to MAKE YOUR PLEDGE TO THE OPERATING BUDGET, you can set up your pledge payments to be automatically drafted by clicking on the button below. Set up a Drafted Pledge Payment

  • Intergenerational Ministries | Firstpres

    HUDDLE UP Coaching Event This event is for everyone, because we all need to work together for the net generation. Every child needs 6-8 Godly older people to speak life into them while they are growing up. Are you someone who can join a kid's 'team' and pour courage, wisdom, and value into them? Maybe for you it's a grandchild, a neighbor's child, a single friend's child, the kids you work or volunteer around, or the kids you teach or coach. Each of us needs to be more mindful about our purpose in the lies of the children we know and love. ​ Join us as we learn why and how to build a strong team around all of our children! ​ Dinner - fun - kids' programming - breakout groups

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    LIBRARY/RESOURCES Home / Ministries / Library/Resources 1/6 The First Presbyterian Library strives to provide materials and programs that encourage the study of God's Word and the growth of each person's relationship with God. ​ No more buying a book at the Christian book store, only to realize later that our library had the book you could have borrowed. Click here to search our entire inventory. Hours of Operation Open daily, whenever the church is open. Volunteers are available for assistance on Sunday mornings. Checkout policies Materials may be checked out at any time that the library is open by signing your name and leaving the checkout card on the librarian's desk. We have a variety of resources to select from, including books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines in the following areas: Bibles Reference (Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, concordances) Christianity, Theology, Understanding Scripture Apologetics Prayer Christian Living Divorce Grief Marriage, Family and Parenting Fiction Biography Holiday (including Lent/Easter, Advent/Christmas) Materials for small group study Movies Audio Books Audio Sermons Children's Collection (books, CDs, DVDs) MINISTRIES Adults Care College Age First Pres Kids Library/Resources Missions Music Studies and Groups Youth Columbarium OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve

  • Howard Griffin

    Home / About / Our People / Staff STAFF Home / About / Our People / Staff / (806) 350-5201 Howard Griffin Senior Pastor and Head of Staff Rev. Howard Griffin is the Senior Pastor and Head of Staff at First Pres. He's been here since 2010. Howard and his wife, Sarah, have 3 children: Hannah, Elizabeth, and John. Howard earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Trinity University, a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. From 1996-2000, Howard was a Consultant with PriceWatherhouseCoopers. In 2001, he served as Seminary Intern at the Presbyterian Church of Toms River, New Jersey. In 2002 Howard served as Seminary Intern at Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, New Jersey. From 2003 – 2006, he was the Associate Pastor of College and Singles at First Presbyterian Church of Houston, Texas, and from 2006 – 2010 Howard served as Associate Pastor of Evangelism, Mission & Outreach at Highland Park Presbyterian Church of Dallas, Texas. Howard loves the people of First Pres and feels that the members here have a genuine love for the Lord, for His word, and for one another. Describing First Pres, Howard says "…it's a Christ - centered, Bible - based community that is committed to doing the work of God’s Kingdom here in Amarillo and abroad." For fun, Howard enjoys basketball, hiking, and golf. His favorite authors include John Stott, Dallas Willard, Timothy Keller, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, C.S. Lewis, Philip Yancey, and John Ortberg. His favorite book is The Bible and his favorite movie is “Chariots of Fire."If he has the choice, fajitas are always good! Howard lists John 15:5 as a favorite Bible verse: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." Howard describes himself like this: "I’m a bit of an ecumenical mutt. My father was a Methodist, and my Mom was a Baptist when they got married. The big compromise of their marriage was to become Presbyterian, but I grew up attending the vacation Bible schools of all three denominations (Presbyterian, Baptist, and Methodist). I also attended an Episcopal school from when I was four until the 9th grade in Midland, Texas where I went to chapel everyday."