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    COLUMBARIUM Home / / Ministries Columbarium First Presbyterian Church has been the focal point shaping the spiritual life of individuals and families for more than 125 years. The seasons of life are celebrated – from birth, baptism, worship, marriage, spiritual growth, and finally death in the Lord. Christians are promised that death is never the final word. With this truth, we can celebrate and honor the lives of members in the very location where we most often shared the love of Jesus Christ together. Ninety years after opening our present building at 11th Avenue and Harrison Street, the east courtyard will be enhanced with a columbarium surrounded by a beautiful prayer garden. A columbarium features a wall of niches that accommodate urns containing the earthly remains of any member or former member of the church and their families.* There could be no more fitting place for the remains of a Christian than a columbarium within the grounds of one’s own church. The surrounding prayer garden is a quiet, peaceful setting in which to remember, meditate, pray, or comfort the bereaved. Inurnment services and other worship occasions may be conducted in the garden. Strong and enduring building materials complement the rich history of the people who built the church and its fine Neo-Gothic architecture. As we are called to be good stewards in this life and for generations to come, land use is minimized. ​ *Eligibility for inurnment is outlined in the Columbarium Policies. The Columbarium MINISTRIES Adults Care College Age First Pres Kids Library/Resources Missions Music Studies and Groups Youth Columbarium OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve A columbarium offers an affordable alternative to traditional burial. The fee of $2,500 or $3,000 per niche accommodating two urns includes a granite memorial front with names of the inurned, dates of birth and death, the costs of opening and closing for inurnment, and continuing care. Other final arrangements for cremation and properly fitting urns may be made with funeral homes. ​ Packets containing full information, Policies, and an application are available by email at , at, or in the church office. Karen Jordan (806-341-1794) is the moderator of the Columbarium Committee that manages the columbarium. The in the completely re-landscaped cloister accommodates the columbaria and provides a secure area with the installation of a wrought iron fence in the outer arches of the colonnade. Two gates, open in normal operating hours or for special events, are closed and locked at other times. The locked gates can be opened from the inside in an emergency. Protected on three sides by the church building, the garden gives some protection from adverse weather for inurnment services and other small worship services. Benches will offer a place to sit in solitude, to visit, relax, reflect, or comfort loved ones. Inurnment fees over and above the cost of construction will endow ongoing maintenance and care of the columbaria and garden. J. Gregg Jordan Memorial Prayer Garden Columbarium Policies Application Form Niche Inscription Form Click on the above buttons to find our policies, application form, and niche inscription form. Once you have filled out the Application Form and Niche Inscription Form, you can . email it to us

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    GET INVOLVED Home / / / Ministries Missions We Support If you would like someone to contact you about serving in our community, please fill out the form below: I am interested in serving with: Downtown Women's Center - Gratitude Apartments 4 Amarillo In-Town Mission Trip San Jacinto Elementary Opportunity School Sharing Hope Salvation Army High Plains Food Bank Speiro Legacies Wyld Life Mission Amarillo Acts Community Center Square Mile Heal the City Submit Thanks for submitting! MISSIONS We Support Get Involved OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve 1/6 Get Involved

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    Home / / About Our People / Staff STAFF / / / Home About Our People Staff / (806) 350-5215 Norman Goad Director of Music and Organist Norman Goad is the Director of Music/ Organist at First Pres. He's been on staff since 2004. He and his wife, Diana, have a Schnauzer and lots of cats! Norman has served as a church musician for 40 years serving many churches in many denominations and has culled the best things from those experiences. He brings that cumulative experience to First Pres. Norman loves the Christ-centered, scripture-based teaching, preaching and singing at First Pres. His favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:6-7. At age five, Norman began piano studies with his mother, Doris. At age 14 he began studying pipe organ playing and continued organ study through high school. He attended Texas Tech University, studying organ with Dr. Judson Maynard and choral conducting with Gene Kenny and Dr. Donald Bailey. He received his Bachelor of Music in organ performance in 1982. Having married Diana House of Amarillo in 1981, the couple traveled to Brazil working the entire year of 1982 and doing missionary work. They helped career Baptist missionaries establish churches and develop church music programs in the interior of the country along the Trans-Amazonic Highway. They both learned to speak Portuguese fluently. Upon their return to the USA, Norman began work on a Masters Degree in organ performance, which he received in 1986, once again from Texas Tech. In 1986, Norman won the First Prize, Graduate Division in the Wm. C. Hall Pipe Organ Playing Competition in San Antonio, TX, a state-wide contest involving students from all the major universities. Since winning the competition, Norman has served as Organist or Organist/Choirmaster in all of the Protestant denominations. He is currently Director of Music/Organist of First Presbyterian Church, Amarillo. For 25 years he has owned N.E.G. Keyboard Services, a company that tunes and repairs 50 pipe organs valued at 27 million dollars in the Texas Panhandle, Lubbock, the South Plains, and Eastern New Mexico. He is the curator of the world-famous instrument at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Amarillo. N.E.G.K.S. also does system upgrades on pipe organs, restores pump organs, and does pipe organ water-damage / fire damage restoration. The N.E.G.K.S. shop is equipped for heavy commercial woodworking and metal-working applications. In their spare time he and Diana enjoy vacationing in the Rockies hiking, biking, horse-back riding and doing home improvement projects. Norman also enjoys photography, electronics, international travels and woodworking. His wife, Diana, is a private violin teacher and orchestra/string specialist for AISD.

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    BECOMING A MEMBER Home / About / Becoming a Member If you are interested in joining First Pres through membership, we would be excited to have you join us! We believe that First Pres is a wonderful place to worship and serve the Lord, as well as to build relationships with others. Here are the steps to making First Pres your church home: We offer an Inquirer’s Class three or four times a year that meets from 9:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Ask a staff member when the next class meets. In the class, we will briefly discuss the history of the Presbyterian Church, how this local church is organized, as well as our Biblical convictions. If you are ready to begin the process, start by contacting us at the church. God has great things in store for you! We would be so happy to have you join us! at 806-373-4242. Contact Murray ABOUT Becoming a Member Contact & News ECO Employment FAQs Mission Statement & Beliefs Our History Our People Our Pipe Organ What We're About First Pres Amarillo App WORSHIP | GROW | CONNECT | SERVE

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    LISTEN TO SERMONS / Home Worship Services / Listen to Sermons

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    NURSERY/EARLY CHILDHOOD Home / Ministries / / First Pres Kids Nursery/Early Childhood 1/12 of Safely Process Re-opening Critter Land Hello Critter Land Families, As you may have already heard (because good news is hard to keep quite!), we are finally able to open Critter Land and welcome our little ones back. Beginning on August 23, we will be ready to receive our children once again, ages birth through kindergarten at our usual times, 8:15am-12:15pm. We will be implementing COVID-19 safe practices. Please take a moment to read over the attachment. It will be so gloriously wonderful to see our friends again! Who would have ever thought that 6 weeks would turn into 6 months? Of course, we know that none of this has caught our Lord by surprise. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for having this all under your infinite and loving control. Another way we are trusting in our Heavenly Father’s wisdom is navigating through our construction process. This is part of the GROW campaign that will bring exciting changes for our children. Please be prepared for Critter Land itself to look a bit different. The construction may be in full swing on the first floor of the Kids Wing when we re-open. That means we will all be on the second floor sharing those nice large classrooms with the big kids (as well as Opportunity School). We will have our own safe space for little ones. Sunday School for all ages of children will begin on September 13 in conjunction with the adult classes resuming. Even though the space may look different, you can still look forward to seeing the same warm and loving smiles of our volunteers and staff. Joyfully, Ms. Debbie FIRST PRES KIDS Nursery/Early Childhood Elementary Events OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve

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    BIBLE STUDIES & SMALL GROUPS / / Home Ministries Studies & Groups / Bible Studies & Small Groups Women's and Men's Bible Studies Spring 2020 Men's Lunch Bible Studies begin the week of January 15 - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at noon. Contact Anita for your lunch order and contact Murray Gossett for information on the Bible studies - 373-4242. Small Groups and Bible Studies are made up of 6-12 individuals who want to study a specific topic and share their thoughts candidly. There is more accountability in joining a Small Group or Bible Study. If you're not there, you will definitely be missed. There is an opportunity for everyone to share opinions about the topics being discussed. Small Groups simply 'do life' together. Interested in joining or starting a Small Group? Contact or . Murray Emily Go to to find more info about women’s Bible studies. Alzheimer’s Support/Awareness Group for Caregivers- Mondays at noon Do you or someone you know care for a family member or loved one who has Alzheimer’s? This is an Alzheimer’s support/awareness group. It will not be an educational class per se; however, a video or printed material may be available from time to time. The focus will be more on sharing with one another the struggles and challenges of caring for a loved one with this tragic disease. Inquiries, please call 373-4242 or . email STUDIES AND GROUPS Wednesday Nights Sunday School Bible Studies & Small Groups Triads OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve

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    September 2020 Exciting progress continues on our construction projects for the GROW Across Generations Capital Campaign. The slab was poured at the new A&O house this week. Framing the walls of the new house is next on the agenda! The steps and ramp at north entry have been poured—handrails and cast stone signage will be installed the 2nd and 3rd weeks of October. We plan to open the north doors to the Great Hall for use this weekend, September 27, but only the steps. Those requiring an accessible entrance will still need to use the south entry. The Lift outside of the Sanctuary is installed and operational, but we have to wait on a state inspection for congregational use. We would ask you to pray for that process so that we can get the Lift going and fully-functional for our members. The Children’s Wing first floor demolition is complete and the mechanical trades are beginning work on plumbing, electrical, and HVAC rough-ins. There is a lot going on, but we can definitely see significant progress. Please join us in prayer for the continued progress and how the Lord will use all of these improvements for His glory! August 2020 Here is a quick update on our GROW Across Generations Capital Campaign improvements. The concrete pour for the AO house began this past week. Something about the concrete going in makes this feel like it's REALLY happening! The Lift outside of the Sanctuary should be received in about 3 weeks. It will take a few weeks to install, but we're getting closer here, too. If you've been by the church, you know that the 1st floor of the Children's Education building is completely sealed off as abatement and demo happen. All personnel, Opportunity School, and Critter Land activities have been moved to the 2nd floor temporarily. While the North entrance is still not usable, it's coming together as well. We appreciate your continued prayer and your patience as we all deal with the construction in our building. It's exciting to anticipate how the Lord will use all of this for years to come. July 2020 Construction for our "GROW Across Generations” capital campaign is in full swing and a big mound of dirt certainly isn’t all we have to show for it. The foundation prep for the new building is underway and the new personal lift system for the Great Hall has been ordered. The staff of Opportunity School and our own Children’s Ministry are preparing to shift their operations to make way for abatement and demolition in the the first floor of the Children’s Education building. Parking will be limited as work continues in the west parking lot on the new youth facilities. As many members who have undergone renovations to their homes and businesses can attest, this is going to get messy. And though it seems the inertia of getting a multimillion dollar job off the ground is great, we serve a God who is greater! Now, as much as ever, is the time to lift this project to the Lord in prayer and supplication, asking for His wisdom and guidance for our general contractor, Casey Wood; our architects, Bill Merriman and John Montag; our friends at Opportunity School like Jill Goodrich and her staff; and our own staff here at First Presbyterian. We praise Him for the overwhelming support of you, the congregation, and your faithful insight, prayer, and monetary commitments to see this inspired vision come to reality. ​ We also want to thank all of you who are partnering with us on this project financially. These exciting changes will serve our community for years to come and grow the Kingdom of Christ! North Entrance Under Construction ​ You may have noticed that our North Entrance is under construction at the moment. We're sorry for any inconvenience to those of you who normally park on the north side of the building, but we're looking forward to an updated North Entrance including an accessible ramp, a larger upper landing, and beautiful signage portraying our name along 11th Street. Once inside the Great Hall, a new single-person lift for ease of mobility will be featured on the north side of the Narthex entrance. Here is what's included in Phase I of our GROW Across Generations Capital Campaign 1) A new 5,500 square foot A&O House that accomplishes the stated goals of the Youth Ministry and is energy-efficient, easily accessed, and beautifully designed. It will be both completely modern in function and classically reminiscent of the architecture of the original structure. 2) A wonderful update to our North Entrance including an accessible ramp, a larger upper landing, and beautiful signage portraying our name along 11th Street. Once inside the Great Hall, a new single-person lift for ease of mobility will be featured on the north side of the Narthex entrance. 3) A renovated and updated Children’s Education wing complete with modern access control and security features, a fire suppression system, a more visitor-friendly and inviting aesthetic, and new interior and exterior play spaces for a wider range of ages. Much inquiry, thought, and planning has gone into the design of this remodeled first-floor, and it will be highly functional for our children, staff and parents. 4) New site work including: removal of the existing A&O house, replacement and expansion of the south parking lot to include more senior parking, removal of the storage facility along 10th Street to allow better viewing of the campus, and a new storage facility on the west block. ​ Murray's House on 6th Street As a church, we made the important decision to give to missions a tithe of what money we raised. Part of that money will go to world missions, and part of it will stay here in Amarillo. We're all excited about Murray's House, the storefront on 6th street we purchased for an outreach center, that's being worked on and renovated so that it is ready to launch this fall. There has been significant progress made by adding two bathrooms, making it handicap accessible, LOTS of cosmetic upgrades, as well as new windows and doors. Our own members have done all the interior painting over the course of a few evenings and Saturday mornings. We’ve added a wonderful basketball and volleyball court in the lot behind the building as well as new fencing to keep it nice and secure. As the building starts to take shape, we are excited to see how God uses it to allow our church, as well as our missions partners Young Life, Speiro Legacies, and Square Mile Community Development, to meet the needs of the San Jacinto neighborhood. Ways Murray's house will be used include, but are not limited to health and nutrition classes and application, education support like tutoring, Bible studies, and after school programs… this building will truly represent the practical application of God’s love in a hurting and broken world.

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    Home / / About Our People / Staff STAFF / / / Home About Our People Staff / (806) 373-4242 Brandon Smith Director of Worship & Properties ​

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