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    MUSIC Home / Ministries / Music !Attention Singers! Music Ministry is currently searching for additional singers for Sunday morning 10:55 a.m. services. If you are interested in singing, please contact Norman or Joyce at 373-4242 asap! Praise Kidz I and II Praising God Children in Kindergarten through grade 5 have fun learning music together in a choral setting. The groups sing during worship services once or twice per semester. These groups will start meeting again beginning January 19!! The children will meet all together in Room 302 (Choir Room). Praise Kidz I is for children from Kindergarten through grade 2. Praise Kidz II is for children from grades 3 through 5. These groups are directed by Norman & Diana Goad and they meet on Wednesdays from 5:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The Wednesday evening meal is available starting at 5:15 p.m. so the children have a chance to eat before practice. If your child would like to be part of one of these choirs, email Norman or call Joyce in the church office 373.4242 . 1/4 MINISTRIES Adults Care College Age First Pres Kids Library/Resources Missions Music Studies and Groups Youth Columbarium OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve 1105 Praise & Worship Group (Contemporary Service @ 11:05 a.m.) Do you sing or play an instrument? If you're interested in the 1105 Praise & Worship Group, please contact Brandon . 1/5 Gospel/Praise Band and Singers (Gospel/Praise Service) If you enjoy singing classic hymns and gospel music, please join this group at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings in the Choir Room for review of the songs planned for that morning's 8:30 a.m. service. No training or long term obligations -- y'all come sing!! If you would like to find out more about the Gospel/Praise Group involved in the 8:30 a.m. service, please contact Norman . 1/5 Sanctuary Choir (Traditional Reformed Service) This adult choir meets on Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. in the Choir Room (Room 302). They prepare a wide variety of anthems and sing at the 11:00 a.m. service most Sunday mornings. Special music is also prepared at different seasons of the year and is usually accompanied by orchestra. If you would like to know more about Sanctuary Choir, please contact Norman or Joyce . 1/6

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    REFORMED TRADITIONAL Home / Worship Services / Reformed Tradtional 10:55 Service from Jake Schroeder on Vimeo . Reformed Traditional 10:55 am Sunday Mornings Sanctuary WORSHIP SERVICES Reformed Traditional Contemporary Gospel OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve What is Reformed worship exactly? Well, in the Protestant Reformation theologians like Martin Luther and John Calvin made it clear that we are saved by GRACE alone, through FAITH in CHRIST alone. SCRIPTURE alone is our authority in faith and life as we seek to give all GLORY to God alone. With this new found emphasis on SCRIPTURE, worship in the Reformed Tradition is focused on the triune God and is guided by SCRIPTURE, saturated with SCRIPTURE, and centered around the reading and preaching of SCRIPTURE. For we believe what the Apostle Paul writes about Scripture in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. “16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” We believe that the Lord uses the faithful reading and preaching of Scripture to transform us and equip us to do the work of God’s Kingdom here on earth. In Traditional Reformed Worship we want to pray the word, sing the word, hear the word, and speak the word. For we believe that it is through the Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments that we learn more of who God is, and we discover who God is calling us to be. If you want to encounter God through a service of worship that is saturated in Scripture, then I would encourage you to join us for Traditional Reformed Worship in our beautiful sanctuary at 10:55 a.m. Come join us as we gather around the word of God and are led in singing traditional hymns to God led by our beautiful organ and our sanctuary choir. Our newly renovated organ is actually the largest and most dynamic organ from Fort Worth to Los Angeles and has been profiled in different news articles People often call it Traditional Worship, but it’s not just “traditional”. It is REFORMED WORSHIP, and that makes all the difference.

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    CARE Home / Ministries / Care Intercessory Prayers are Rising – here are a few ways to participate: ​Prayer Room – Access to the prayer room in the back of the main parlor has been extended to allow pray-ers to come 15 minutes early to pray for the service they attend in advance as well as during the worship service. Please join us any time! ​ Prayer Invite – You are invited to join an ecumenical prayer group that meets every 3rd Monday evening of the month from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Hope and Choice, 1500 S. Taylor. This group prays together for various needs in the churches and in Amarillo. Please call Dan at 280-0280 to confirm if group is still meeting. ​Join us in one or all of these prayer opportunities – after all, it’s the most you can do! ​ Care Ministry We sincerely care about you and what is going on in your life. * The Care Ministry team calls or visits Sidelined Saints (home-bound) regularly. * Devotionals and other materials are mailed to Sidelined Saints weekly to help them stay connected to the church family. * Our Bereavement Team feels called to a ministry of serving those who have lost a loved one. * And, our pastoral staff desires to be of help to you whenever you need them. Also available: Alzheimer’s Support/Awareness Group for Caregivers Coordinated by Paul Wirtz, this group meets to share joys, frustrations, and to give each other support and encouragement. This group supports caregivers who have a family member suffering from challenges with memory and thinking skills. If you or anyone you know could benefit from this group, know that you don't have to face the challenges alone. You can meet with this group in room 206 at the church or via Zoom on Mondays at 11 a.m. Inquiries, please call 373-4242 or email to get the login information. CARE Intercessory Prayer Ministry OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve

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    Home / About / Our People / Staff STAFF Home / About / Our People / Staff / (806) 350-5203 Murray Gossett Associate Pastor Murray Gossett is the Associate Pastor of Outreach and Adults at First Pres. He's been on staff here for over 25 years. Murray is married to the former Jeri Albertson of Amarillo. They have five children. His oldest son was married in the summer of 2013. Murray attended Highland Park High School, SMU, and Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He was a High School pastor at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas from 1980-1990. Murray loves working at First Pres because of the Christ - centered, grace - focused body of believers. Murray is also a basketball fan and coaches at a local Christian school. His favorite author is John Stott, and he read all of his books during his sabbatical last summer. Murray's favorite passage is Paul’s prayer in Eph 3:14-21 --- it shows us what to pray for! The Gossett's theme when raising triplets was Mother Teresa’s quote “ I know God will not give me more that I am able, but I wish He would not trust me so much."

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    Home / About / Our People / Staff STAFF Home / About / Our People / Staff / (806) 373-4242 Brandon Smith Director of Worship & Properties ​

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    Home / About / Our People / Staff STAFF Home / About / Our People / Staff Our staff is a great group of people who love the Lord and want to serve you. ABOUT Deacons Elders Staff Who's Who Trustees Allison Silvertooth Receptionist (806)373-4242 Bio & Contact Info Doyle Askew Operations Manager (806) 350-5206 Bio & Contact Info Laura Autry Financial Assistant (806) 350-5204 Bio & Contact Info Brady Clark Director of Urban Missions (806) 373-4242 Bio & Contact Info Heidi Corona Administrative Assistant for First Pres Kids (806) 350-5211 Bio & Contact Info Lisa Dietz Business Administrator (806) 350-5205 Bio & Contact Info Cara Dyas Director of Communications and Production (806) 373-4242 Bio & Contact Info Kelli Glass Director of Elementary (806)3505212 Bio & Contact Info Norman Goad Director of Music and Organist (806) 350-5215 Bio & Contact Info Anita Goodrum Administrative Assistant for Missions and Outreach (806) 350-5202 Bio & Contact Info Murray Gossett Associate Pastor (806) 350-5203 Bio & Contact Info Howard Griffin Senior Pastor and Head of Staff (806) 350-5201 Bio & Contact Info Shauneen Hatfield Administrative Assistant for Intergenerational Ministries (806)350-5209 Bio & Contact Info Joyce Ladd Wedding Coordinator; Administrative Assistant for Music, Communications, Worship, Care, and Women (806) 350-5219 Bio & Contact Info Debbie Laur Director of Early Childhood Ministry (806) 350-5213 Bio & Contact Info Janie Navarrete Lead Custodian ​ Bio & Contact Info Brandon Smith Director of Worship & Properties (806) 373-4242 Bio & Contact Info Kim Talley Assistant Pastor of Intergenerational Ministries (806) 350-5210 Bio & Contact Info Emily Wood Director of Women's Ministry (806) 373-4242 Bio & Contact Info

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    YOUTH Home / Ministries / Youth Youth Sunday 2021 YOUTH Middle School High School OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve Heading 3 Mexican Christmas Dinner 2021 a Huge Success! Another Mexican Christmas Dinner is in the books, and it was a resounding success. Students pitched in to help prepare the food beforehand and with serving food and clean up on the night of the event. Everyone had a great time helping out! Estevan Ortega and Jacob Self were great chefs! So many helpers on the enchilada assembly line! Anna gives last minute instructions to the workers before the event began. The night of the dinner filled the Great Hall, Narthex, Parlor, and Children’s Wing with so many wonderful people from First Pres and the entire community. The sounds of voices and laughter were so fun to hear. Friends and neighbors came to share a delicious meal and fellowship with others. We served close to 400 people at this year’s Mexican Christmas Dinner! It was an amazing event! Thank you to the entire First Pres family and Amarillo community for making the Youth Mexican Christmas Dinner such a success this year. Your support of our ministry through the purchase of tickets for the dinner helps so many of our youth go on mission trips and retreats. Many of our students would be left out of these trips if not for your support. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Goodbye to the Old A&O House ​ It was a rollercoaster of emotions as we all watched the old A&O House be demolished. It has been very emotional for so many of our youth and leaders to have to truly say goodbye to that “Grand Old Lady”; because the old House held so many sweet memories for all the A&O youth, both past and present. However, everyone fully recognizes that the new beautiful House will be the place for new memories to be made for many, many years and for many, many more young people. God moved mightily in the old House, changing hearts and drawing hundreds to Him. We rest in the promise that the same will happen tenfold in the new House. ​ The demolition begins! The old makes way for the new. The new A&O House stands tall and proud. Once again we all wish to express our sincere gratitude to the entire First Pres Family for their support of the building of the new A&O House. Each of you has fully invested in the future of our youth. Our goal in the Youth Department is to ensure that you all get a rich return on your investment. Thank you!

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    OUR HISTORY Home / About / Our History Cumberland Presbyterian Denomination Originally, the church was founded by Rev. A.W. Rodgers and 13 charter members as a congregation affiliated with the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination. It was known at its inception as the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Amarillo. One of the church’s first deacons, Mr. W. F. Heller, was a former Confederate soldier and the builder of the first dugout home in Randall County. Fillmore Street Presbyterian Church The church met in Amarillo’s first schoolhouse until 1892, when members erected a building on a corner lot at 620 Fillmore, at which time it became popularly known as Fillmore Street Presbyterian Church. (By this time, Amarillo had another “First Presbyterian Church,” which was a member of the Southern Presbyterian denomination. That church eventually was renamed Covenant Presbyterian Church and is located at 1400 Wolflin.) Central Presbyterian Church In 1906, the church installed the first pipe organ owned by any church in Amarillo. In 1909, upon making plans to construct a new red brick building at 10th & Taylor streets, the church renamed itself “Central Presbyterian Church.” The church moved into the new building in June of 1910 with 191 people on its education rolls. Our Present Location In 1927, Central Presbyterian Church secured land at 11th & Harrison streets, then began construction of a 15th century English gothic revival style building—complete with flying buttresses and antique glass sanctuary windows. The first services there were held on Easter, April 17, 1927. First Presbyterian Church In March of 1943, Central Presbyterian Church changed its name to First Presbyterian Church. In 1983, First Pres joined the Presbyterian Church, USA (PCUSA) denomination. Prominent Pastors Prominent pastors over the years have included Rev. R. Thomsen (1910–1945), Rev. Robert Skinner (1954-1963), Rev. James Carroll (1964–1984), Rev. Alan John Meenan (1989–1997), and Rev. Jim Bankhead (1999–2010). The church has been a fixture in downtown Amarillo since first organizing on September 28, 1890. ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians In October of 2013, our church voted by a huge margin to join ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. ABOUT Becoming a Member Contact & News ECO Employment FAQs Mission Statement & Beliefs Our History Our People Our Pipe Organ What We're About First Pres Amarillo App WORSHIP | GROW | CONNECT | SERVE

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    TRIADS Home / Ministries / Studies & Groups / Triads Triads Triads are groups of three or four people of the same gender. Often these individuals represent different generations and have different experience levels. These people are all committed to God and to each other for a time. They hold each other accountable in a confidential and loving way as they challenge one another in their study of God's word and development of their relationships with the Lord. Interested in a triad? Contact Murray or Emily . STUDIES AND GROUPS Wednesday Nights Sunday School Bible Studies & Small Groups Triads OTHER INTERESTS Studies and Groups Worship Grow Connect Serve